Special Needs Students

LeapSmart continues to develop the most current and innovative teaching techniques to enrich
children in the special needs community. We green dresshave committed our efforts to developing curriculum that incorporates music and motion into comprehensive adapted movement programs. LeapSmart’s classes provide an array of visual, aural and tactile stimulation, motivating children to meet development milestones. 

What is Adapted Creative Movement?

  • An individually tailored program for each special needs group.
  • Special focus on increasing muscle tone, language, rhythm, balance, body recognition and motor planning.
  • Emphasis on increasing each student’s confidence resulting in stronger motivation for improvement.

Motor and Mobility Adapted Creative Movement

  • A program designed for students who are bound by the constraints of physical ailments that confine them to wheelchairs or other apparatus.
  • By adapting to the needs of each child individually, the LeapSmart instructor makes group participation possible.
  • Every student is engaged and moving during this program, developing their minds and muscles while having fun.

Contact LeapSmart founder Monica Levy to incorporate these valuable programs into your school.