Programs for Children

  • Prepare your students for successful transitions into Kindergarten
  • Enhance the reputation of your school
  • Enrich students and staff with a fresh approach to learning!yellow dress jumping

Children do not learn through just listening, watching, or moving. They learn through a combination of these concepts. At LeapSmart we have developed our programs to include every kind of learner. LeapSmart's active learning games encourage problem solving, sharpen literacy and math skills and teach emotional and physical self control. Connections quickly develop between mind and body.

Contact your local LeapSmart teacher to discuss your programming needs!

LeapSmart’s wide variety of programs include:

Creative Movement

With a variety of music, props and LeapSmart's exclusive Action Cards each Creative Movement program is a joyful and educational movement experience. LeapSmart teachers guide the children on a journey that inspires their imaginations and channels their energy in a productive way. With new and exciting curriculum each day, children focus on problem solving, teamwork, body awareness, balance, stretching, coordination and movement invention. Curriculums are designed to focus on the cognitive, social, physical and psychological development of preschoolers.

Yoga Adventures

An inventive approach to yoga through active games, music, props and LeapSmart’s exclusive Yoga Cards. Children gain body awareness, strength, flexibility, focus and relaxation. The imagery of Yoga is woven into a variety of both calm and energetic activities that delight and challenge boys and girls with such activities as Yoga obstacle courses, partnering and Yoga freeze dance! Children gain confidence and self-control while learning how to focus, relax and breath.

LeapTastic Gymnastics

A creative approach to teaching the discipline and excitement of this wonderful sport. Children learn basic gymnastic skills, progressions, circuits and vocabulary while improving their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and confidence. Children also practice important listening and safety skills while working independently and as a team on a variety of specialized preschool gymnastics equipment.


A Zumba inspired class just right for young children! Zum-Kids is a dance/fitness program that is an exciting way to exercise while helping children develop coordination, stamina, balance, discipline, memory, creativity and teamwork! Each program is like a party with great music, challenging routines and lots of energy!

Tumbling Toddlers

The first years of a child’s development are the most important. The connection between parent and child, physical and cognitive development can all be enhanced with hands-on movement activities. Enjoy and have fun with your young one as your LeapSmart instructor guides you through songs and movement activities you do together. These activities safely develop their bodies while challenging their minds as they find their physical limits.

LeapTunes Music

Combining singing, rhythm training, ear training, even an introduction to written music, LeapTunes Music helps children learn while enjoying a variety of instruments, musical styles and activities.

Modern Dance

LeapSmart Modern Dance Program for preschoolers is designed by award-winning professional choreographer Monica Levy. Drawing from 30 years of professional dance training at the legendary Joffrey Ballet School, the School of American Ballet and the Alvin Ailey School, this Modern Dance Program inspires children's creativity while they are learning important body awareness techniques, self-control, balance and coordination.

Talk to Monica about what you want for your school.