Ways Your Summer Camp Can Inspire

We all want to inspire our students to be the best they can be, but it's not always easy... (more)

Mid-Year Change To Activate Your Classroom

Burnout. We all feel it at one time or another but especially mid-year! Learn how to become re-energize... (more)

Best of 2017 Preschool Teaching Tools

2017 was full of challenges, transformations, growth, and exciting new teaching tools! (more)

Empower Kids with Independence

Imagine children in your classroom solving problems independently! (more)

Encourage a Growth Mindset in Your Classroom

It's back to school and somehow you got a class full of drama, conflict, and out of control kids! Here's how to handle it... (more)

The Troubled Child: How To Help Children With Trauma or Grief

The children in our classrooms often have experienced trauma or grief in their young lives. (more)

How To Survive Your CLASS Observation

I have been observing and coding many preschool classrooms with the CLASS assessment tool and would like to share some easy ways to WOW the CLASS observer. (more)

Summer Rocks with LeapSmart!

Our summer classes make your summer program rock! (more)

Mindfulness for Preschoolers

I just got back from a conference with topics that included mindfulness, social-emotional development, and resilience. (more)

Teacher Resolution

As teachers, we have a lot we want to resolve, which can be overwhelming. Start with these easy and manageable resolutions. (more)

Great Gifts For Your Teacher!

Don't give your teacher the same mug and candle as everyone else. (more)

What Will The New Preschool Classroom Look Like?

Preschools are changing. Here are some of my thoughts about how preschools are changing and evolving. (more)

Addressing Diversity in Preschool

Preschools have an obligation to help children practice acceptance and celebrate the differences between us. This sets the stage for future collaboration and successful teamwork in our global society. (more)

What Kind of Learner Are You?

We all learn differently! Which is why it's important for teachers to get up and try new ideas, collaborate and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. (more)

3 Ways to Help a Traumatized Child

Help a child who is suffering with how you react. Studies show reactions can actually help alter brain chemistry. (more)

5 Ways to Appreciate Your Teacher

Let your teachers know how much you appreciate them with these fun ideas. (more)

Mother's Day Activities

In addition to the Mother's Day crafts, here are some songs and activity ideas(more)

Earth Day and Spring Activities

There is so much for children to enjoy in Spring. Here are a few Spring activities your kids will love. (more)

Group Activities for The 100th Day of School 

Celebrate the 100th Day of School with these fun educational group activities. (more)

Peaceful Mind - In A Stressful World

How to deal with stress as a teacher. (more)

3 of My Favorite Martin Luther King Day Activities

3 Activities that celebrate and teach cooperation, acceptance, and peace. (more)

Holiday Movement Games for Fun and Learning!

Help your students enjoy the holidays with these games! (more)

5 Ways To Encourage Literacy For Pre K Children

Drawn from my workshop Encouraging Literacy in the Pre K classroom, here are some of my favorite ideas... (more)

Calming Techniques That Work! Teacher Tested!

School can get stressful. During the last professional development presentation of The Challenging Child, the teachers shared the techniques that they use in the classroom... (more)

4 Activities To Boost Symbolic Development

Literacy develops through imaginative or symbolic play. Children learn about story structure, content themes, character development, emotions and also build vocabulary.Try these activities in your classroom to boost symbolic development... (more)

Texting In The Classroom

Every day when I visit classrooms, most teachers are focused and engaged with the students. However, the pull of the personal cell phone draws this attention away. Here are some ways to face the problem... (more)

5 Classroom Management Tips

Reducing conflict and stress in your preschool classroom. 

  1. Make a poster with "Class Rules"
  2. Be a detective... (more)

5 Myths about How Your Child Learns

I used to believe that-

  1. Distractions disrupt learning
  2. Creating consistent routines increase retention and absorption of material... (more)

Thoughts on the Rebecca School

I recently visited the Rebecca School in NYC. This is a school for special needs children with an inspiring program that I have not seen in any other school... (more) 

How Movement Games can help "That Child"

Your child comes home complaining about "That Child", the one who bites, hits, yells, pushes, etc. As a parent, you worry about your child but as a teacher, you worry about all the children as well as how to deal with parents! ..(more) 

Moving in the Montessori Classroom

Your When I created LeapSmart I was inspired by the quietly focused learning and the emphasis on skill building in the Montessori classroom. However I also always felt that that approach could be enhanced by letting the children move in a freer way...more

The 7 Step Roadmap to Resolving Conflicts in the Classroom

  • Stay Positive
  • Be consistent
  • Employ Active Listening....(more)

4 Poses From Our Yoga Teacher Training

One of my favorite training topics is Yoga for Preschoolers. Not only is it fun and easy, there is a huge sense of accomplishment when, after just a short 2 hour workshop, teacher leave full of new ideas to take back to the classroom. Check out some pictures here! 

3 Games that Teach Math the Active Way

From learning addition and subtraction with my Bologna Sandwich game to making a giant sized map, teaching math through movement is a sure way to gain...(more)

7 Ways to Boost Resilience

The question of how to promote Resilience in preschool has been on my mind ever since I heard Angela Duckworth's TED talk...(more)

Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Creative

How can educators keep ideas flowing when we are going to the same classroom every day, constrained by more and more rules and requirements? So many teachers I have met say that they feel overwhelmed and end up repeating lessons year after year instead of trying something new...(more)

5 Ways To Keep Your Active Preschooler Safe!

Methods that help your preschool class get up and moving in any space while learning to regulate their movements and stay safe...(more)

5 Ways To Encourage Communication With The Special Needs Child

I have worked with many children who are speech delayed. I have felt their frustration as they struggle to express or sometimes just sit quietly without reaction...(more)